How do I see which directories Kite is indexing?

Kite only indexes Python files in directories that you have explicitly enabled. 

To see the list of directories in which Kite indexing is enabled:

  1. Make sure Kite is running.
  2. Go to http://localhost:46624/settings/permissions.
  3. You can see which files are synced by clicking the drill down icon next to each whitelisted directory. If a file does not show up in this view, then it is not synced.

The list of "Whitelisted directories" are the directories that Kite will index. Kite will not index any directories that are not in this list.

Kite may from time to time prompt you to enable non-whitelisted directories. To suppress these notifications, you may add directories under the "Suppressed prompt" section of this page. Please note that a directory in "Suppressed prompts" will get indexed if it is also whitelisted.