Debugging missing completions

Sometimes completions or results do not appear.  Here are a few suggestions for debugging these situations:

Initial Diagnostic: Do you get completions for the "json" library?

Kite comes with some popular libraries pre-indexed for all users.  Checking whether you get completions for these libraries will help diagnose your issue.

Try import json followed by json. to see if you get completions for the json library.

If you get completions for json but not other libraries, there is an indexing issue.  (See "Debugging Indexing Issues" below.)  If you do NOT get completions for the json package, then see the "Debugging Other Issues Causing Missing Completions" section below.

Debugging Indexing Issues

  • If you're using Python, make sure that your site-packages folder, and any other directories containing relevant libraries, is whitelisted.  See more about whitelisting here.  If you're using libraries from a non-whitelisted directory, Kite cannot index them and cannot therefore provide completions.
  • Make sure virtualenv's are whitelisted as well.
  • As of August 2017, Kite can take up to an hour to index libraries newly added to whitelisted directories.  (We are actively working on addressing this issue.)

Debugging Other Issues Causing Missing Completions

Basic checks

  • Are you online, and is Kite logged in?  Visit http://localhost:46624/settings and look for the text "You are currently logged in as...".  If you see a login form instead, that may mean that you are offline, Kite's servers are temporarily unavailable, or you need to log in.
  • Does your editor support in-editor completions?  Not every editor supports in line completions.  As of August 2017 in-editor completions are supported in Sublime Text 3, Atom, VS Code, PyCharm, and IntelliJ, with vim coming soon.
  • Is your editor plugin installed?  Visit http://localhost:46624/settings/plugins to confirm that your editor plugin is installed.  Try restarting your editor.