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Support Documentation for Kite

Getting Started

Learn how to install Kite and its plugins

3 articles

The Kite Application

Learn about how Kite functions on your computer

2 articles

Supported Languages

Learn what programming languages Kite supports

2 articles

Security & Privacy

Learn how to control the data Kite collects

2 articles

Copilot App for Docs Search

Learn how to use the Copilot app to find Python docs faster

1 article

Common Issues & Troubleshooting

Learn how to troubleshoot common issues

4 articles


Linux support is live as of May 2, 2019. FAQ answered here.

2 articles

Atom Integration

Learn how to use the Atom plugin

3 articles

Sublime Text Integration

Learn how to use the Sublime Text plugin

3 articles

PyCharm & IntelliJ Integration

Learn how to use the PyCharm/IntelliJ plugin

2 articles

VS Code Integration

Learn how to use the VS Code plugin

2 articles

Vim Integration

Learn how to use the Vim plugin

2 articles

Spyder Integration

Learn how Kite works with Spyder

2 articles

Emacs Integration

Kite does not yet support Emacs. Click below to request support.

1 article

Your Account

Learn how to manage your account settings

1 article

Uninstalling Kite

Learn how to uninstall Kite

1 article