Kite requires AVX support

⚠️ Important: If this page opened automatically in your browser after running Kite, your computer does not have AVX support and Kite cannot run on your machine. See below for more information.

Kite now requires AVX support to run.

What is AVX support?

AVX is a feature of processors that allows for faster numeric computations. In particular for Kite, AVX allows us to run our machine learning models faster. Most processors made after 2011 support AVX, although some low-end processors do not.

What if I used Kite before AVX support was required?

Kite has required AVX support on Windows since the beginning of 2019. Starting in November 2019, AVX support is required on macOS and Linux. If you’ve used Kite on a macOS or Linux machine without AVX support before November 2019, moving forward:

  • On macOS, Kite will crash immediately after running.
  • On Linux, Kite will continue working but stop updating to the latest versions.

We apologize for the narrowing of our system requirements. We’re trying to balance supporting a broad variety of computers while reducing the number of environments we need to test on.