Does Kite send any code to the cloud?

Kite does not send your code or any byproducts of your code (such as computed indices) to the cloud. Kite is fully functional for the most part without an internet connection.

What data does Kite collect and how is it used?

Kite collects usage data on how you use the product. This data is only used to help us gain insights on how our users are using the product and how to improve it.

Kite also uses external services such as Rollbar to collect data when crashes or errors occur. This data is used to improve the reliability of the product and to fix critical bugs.

Please review our privacy policy for more information.

How does Kite make money?

Kite is currently free to use for any individual developer. Eventually we plan to monetize by providing a paid version of the product that is useful in team settings, thereby charging engineering teams to use the product. There are no plans to monetize by sharing the usage data we collect.

Does Kite require a license to use?

There is no license required to use Kite. You can use it freely in individual or enterprise settings. 

Does Kite have a terms of service?

Kite currently does not have a terms of service.

What languages does Kite support?

Kite currently supports Python and Go. For Go, the only feature Kite provides is ML-powered autocompletions.

Are there plans to support other languages?

Yes! We are actively working on support for more languages. Please visit https://kite.com/letmeknow if you would like to be notified when your language of choice is supported.

I have another question that's not covered here. Help!

If you have a question about how to use the Kite product, please check out our comprehensive usage guides. Oftentimes you'll be able to find the answers to your questions there.

If you are experiencing an issue or bug when using the product, please check out our troubleshooting guide.

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