Linux install issues

If you are having issues installing Kite on a Linux system, it's possible that you may be trying to install Kite in an unsupported environment. Please read this article to learn more.

System Requirements

  • 64-bit system (x86 or x86_64)
  • systemd is required to allow Kite to auto update itself
  • curl or wget must be installed to download the Kite binary
  • We currently do not support installations in Docker containers or on remote servers

Supported Linux Distributions and Versions

Please refer to the list below to see if your version of Linux is supported. Any version not in this list is not guaranteed to work with Kite.

Note: At the moment there are no plans to support new distributions of Linux that are not on this list. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Ubuntu
    • 16.04 LTS
    • 18.04 LTS
    • 18.10
    • 19.04
  • Debian
    • 9.7 (Stretch)
    • >9.7
  • Fedora
    • 29
    • >=30
  • Arch Linux
    • Current version
  • OpenSuse
    • 15
  • Linux Mint
    • 18.x
    • 19.x

Common Issues

These are common issues that you may encounter while running the Kite installer script.

Error writing to ~/.local/share/icons

This problem can be fixed by running the terminal command chmod -R 777 ~/.local/share/icons and then rerunning the installer script.

Cannot find libXScrnSaver

You may also see a message telling you There are no enabled repos. This problem can be fixed by running the following terminal commands:

sudo apt-get install -y libxss1
wget -O kite-installer
bash kite-installer --download 
bash kite-installer --install

xdg-mine executable not found in $PATH

This can typically be fixed by running the following terminal commands:

sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get install -y xdg-utils

Syntax error when running the kite-installer script

This could be caused by a corrupted kite-installer. Please try downloading kite-installer from Dropbox and then running the commands:

bash --download
bash --install

Wrong checksum for updater script

You may see an error message about Kite's updater script not matching the checksum.

[installer] no previous kite installation found
[installer] latest version is 2.20200211.0, downloading now...
[installer] /home/you/.local/share/kite/
already exists, validating...
[installer] checksum doesn't match, downloading again...

In this case, you can delete the updater script and run the kite-installer script again. In the example above, you would run the terminal command rm /home/you/.local/share/kite/ However, be sure you replace the path of the updater script with the actual one on your system.

Cannot download Kite from behind a proxy

If you are behind a proxy, you may not be able to download the necessary components to install Kite. You may be able to fix this issue by running the following commands:

export http_proxy=http://host:port https_proxy=https://host:port
bash -c "$(wget -q -O -"

Cannot install Kite using sudo or as root

Kite currently cannot be installed using sudo or as root.