Large memory usage

If you are experiencing issues with Kite using excessive memory on your machine, please read this article to learn if your experience is typical.

What is Kite's typical memory usage?

If you are actively coding, it is typical for Kite to use up to 900MB of RAM, though this number may be smaller depending on your OS. If you are not coding, Kite should eventually release memory and reduce its footprint to 200–300MB.

Why is Kite's memory usage so large?

In January 2019, we brought Kite's code engine off the cloud and into a local application that runs entirely on your own computer to allow you to keep your code private. The tradeoff from this decision was that since the machine learning models that power Kite can be quite large, Kite now takes up more memory when in use.

What can be done about this?

We are always working on improving Kite's resource usage to make it more performant and lightweight.

If you feel that Kite is using an abnormally large amount of memory, please refer to our guide for reporting issues.