Copilot issues

There are several known issues with the Copilot's coding dashboard.

I don't see documentation for the language I'm using

Kite currently only provides documentation for Python. If you are coding in a language other than Python, you will not see documentation by design.

I don't see documentation for my installed libraries

Kite should be parsing docstrings from your installed libraries to show in the Copilot. You may need to manually add your installed libraries to Kite's index depending on where you installed them.

Search does not work without an internet connection

The inverted index we use to perform searches on our documentation dataset is hosted in the cloud so as not to take up memory on your system. As a result, you need to be connected to the internet to search documentation.

Search does not work on my own code

For performance reasons, we currently do not build inverted indices that can be used to search your own codebase.

If you are still having problems using the Copilot, please visit our GitHub repository to report an issue.