Configuring Kite

Accessing Kite's Settings

Kite offers a number of settings you can change. To access these settings, first open the Copilot and then click on the gear icon at the bottom right corner.

You'll then see several buttons and checkboxes that you can toggle to change Kite's behavior.

  • You can change Kite's visual theme between dark, light, and high contrast.
  • Checking "Set your Copilot to always be your top window" will cause the Copilot to always be shown.
  • Checking "Automatically install the Kite plugin for all supported editors" will cause Kite to install editor plugins as soon as it detects a new editor on your system. For example, if this setting is enabled and you were to install Sublime Text for the first time, Kite would automatically integrate itself with Sublime Text.
  • Checking "Show Kite icon in your menu bar" will show the menu bar icon.
  • Checking "Disable sending usage metrics" will prevent Kite from sending usage metrics.
  • You can also configure Kite to work with your proxy. The following section will explain how to do so.
  • Clicking on "Redo Setup" will cause the first time installation flow to run again.

Using Kite with a Proxy

Kite will try to detect your proxy configuration from your system automatically so that you don’t need to do anything. However, if you are experiencing issues, you may need to adjust your proxy settings. To do so, click on the "Custom" button next to the "Proxy" label and then input your proxy settings.

Please note that the "http://" option will work for both http and https.