Troubleshooting the Atom plugin

This article describes some common issues users encounter with the Atom plugin as well as fixes for the issues.

No Kite Status Icon Shown

If you do not see Kite's status icon in the bottom right corner of Atom, please check the following.

1. Check that the Kite plugin is installed

First, make sure that the Atom plugin is in fact installed. You can do so by opening Atom's package manager and then checking if Kite is in your list of installed packages. If it is not installed, you can use Kite's plugin manager to install it.

⚠️ Important: You may need to restart Atom after installing the plugin for the changes to take effect.

2. Check that you are coding in a saved and supported file

Kite is only active in saved files with supported file extensions. Specifically, check that you are coding in a file saved with one of these extensions:   .py  .go  .js  .jsx  .vue 

3. If you still don't see the Kite icon...

Please file an issue in our GitHub repository so we can investigate.

Kite's Features Aren't Working

Please make sure you've followed our guide to using the Atom plugin to ensure that you're using the plugin correctly.

If you still cannot get the Atom plugin to work, please file an issue in our GitHub repository so we can investigate.

Completions Being Inserted Automatically

If you are experiencing issues with Atom automatically inserting text into your buffer for you, open Atom's package manager and search for the autocomplete-plus package. Open its settings and ensure that the "Automatically Confirm Single Suggestion" checkbox is unchecked.