Kite Pro Guide

What is Kite Pro?

Kite Pro is the paid tier of Kite's product. Kite Pro augments Kite's existing Python completions engine with a deep learning model that can predict multiple words ahead of what you are going to type next. With Kite Pro, Kite's completions will complete more words more frequently, allowing you to code even faster.

⚠️ Important: Kite Pro is currently only for Python.

Read on to learn how to activate Kite Pro and how to use its features.

Accessing Kite Pro

How to obtain a license

All users can try Kite Pro for free for 4 weeks. You can start your trial from our website. You will need to create a Kite account with your email before starting your trial.

If you would to buy a license for Kite Pro, you can also upgrade from our website. Again, you will need a Kite account to purchase Kite Pro.

How to activate Kite Pro

Once you've obtained your Kite Pro trial license or paid license, there are two ways to activate your license within the Kite product.

⚠️ Important: If you have obtained your Kite Pro license before installing Kite, you will need to first download and install Kite..

If Kite is already running and you are logged into the account associated with your license, Kite Pro will activate automatically after a few minutes. You can also click on the Kite badge on the bottom left corner of the Copilot.

Otherwise, you will need to start Kite and/or login to the account associated with your license. After you login, Kite Pro will be activated.

If you are trialing Kite Pro, the Kite badge should read Pro: Trialing.

If you have a paid license, the Kite badge should simply read Pro.

Using Kite Pro's Features

Look for Kite Pro completions with the star icon in the completion hint.

There are two types of ML-powered completions that Kite Pro provides.

Function call snippets

Kite can suggest how to call functions based on usage patterns analyzed from open source code and also from your own codebase. These completions are returned as snippets so that you can use the tab key to cycle through the arguments to make changes if necessary. These types of completions will be labeled with snippet in the completions hint.

Code structure completions

In addition to function calls, Kite can also suggest completions for generic code structure. These completions work over a variety of coding situations and are not labeled with anything in the completions hint.