JavaScript Completions

JavaScript Completions

Kite provides AI-powered completions for JavaScript. All users get JavaScript Line-of-Code and Multi-Line Completions for free. See our blog post for more details.

Existing Kite User?

Please restart Kite for the changes to take effect. 

Using JavaScript Completions

If this is your first time using Kite, please follow our Quickstart guide to installing and running Kite.

Get JavaScript completions when you code in a JavaScript  .js , React .jsx , or Vue .vue file.  

Supported Editors

JavaScript completions are currently supported in Atom, IntelliJ, Sublime, VS Code, and Webstorm. Learn more about JavaScript completions in those editors:

JavaScript completions for Vim is coming soon. To be notified when it's available, please fill out this form.

Other Functionality

For JavaScript, Kite does not yet offer function signatures or Copilot documentation.