How to Restart Kite

To restart Kite, you will need to quit Kite's main running process and then start the application again.

Quitting Kite

If you have the menu bar icon shown on macOS and Windows, you can quit Kite directly from there. Otherwise, you can use your system's task manager to stop the main Kite process.

  • On macOS, use the Activity Monitor to stop the process called "Kite Engine".
  • On Windows, use the Task Manager to stop the process called kited.exe.
  • On Linux, kill the process named kite via the command line.

Restarting Kite

  • On macOS, run from your Applications folder..
  • On Windows, run kited.exe from C:\Program Files\Kite.
  • On Linux, run ~/.local/share/kite/kited.