Kite and Anaconda

Both Kite and Anaconda show autocompletions and function signatures as you code. Anaconda is powered by the Jedi Python engine while Kite uses its own proprietary Python engine. 

We've worked hard on the Python analysis and machine learning models that power Kite, and we believe that it provides a significant improvement over Jedi. In addition, we've put a lot of detailed thought behind the UI/UX of our Sublime plugin. 

Therefore, if you have Anaconda installed and want to try using Kite, we suggest that you temporarily disable Anaconda's autocompletions and signatures to experience Kite to its fullest extent.

To disable Anaconda's autocompletions and signatures, click on PreferencesPackage SettingsAnacondaSettings - User. In the opened settings file, add the following configurations:

  "disable_anaconda_completion": true,
  "display_signatures": false

Save the file for the settings to take effect.

You may go back and delete these configuration lines at any time in case you want to switch back to the default behavior.