Common Issues

We'd like to help you get up and running with Kite! Here are some common issues users run into, and how to fix them.

You can download the latest version of Kite here.

The Kite icon is not visible in my editor

  1. Suggestions only appear inside Python files, which are saved files with the extension .py
  2. In the Kite app, please select the Settings icon in the bottom right, then navigate to the Plugins tab. Do you see the editor you're using underneath the list of Installed Editor Plugins? If not, please install the plugins and restart your editor.

I keep getting "Please close all instances of [Editor] before uninstalling"

Please confirm that no instances of that editor are still running in Task Manager (Windows), Activity Monitor (Mac), or System Monitor (Linux). 

  • Pycharm: Confirm that fsnotifier, a PyCharm update checker, is not running

Please contact support with your logs and include the processes that you're running by sending us the output of typing ps auxew in your Terminal. 

Kite is not installed

Please check if there are any errors in your editor console and resolve any that are there. To do so,

  • VS Code: Help menu > Toggle Developer Tools > Console
  • Sublime Text: View > Show Console

Kite is installed, but I don't see completions

Make sure you are editing a .py file that has been saved to somewhere in your home directory.

If you still experience issues, please contact support with your logs so we can help you troubleshoot. 

Kite does not work with my editor

Kite works with Atom, IntelliJ/PyCharm, Spyder, Sublime Text, Vim, and VS Code.

If you'd like to use Kite for a different editor (or language), please let us know here so we can contact you once support is live.

Kite is not showing completions for a package

Kite only indexes packages in your home directory right now. Check where a package is located by typing this in the Python REPL: 

>>> import package_name
>>> print(package_name.__file__)

Learn how to manually add libraries to the Kite index that are outside of your home directory here.

Kite requires non-admin installation

Kite relies on an updater framework which runs as SYSTEM, so this dependency is why Kite needs admin privileges to install. 

Still have issues?

Please contact support with your logs so we can help you troubleshoot. 

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