Report an issue with Kite

Problems using Kite?

If you're experiencing issues using Kite, please browse our troubleshooting articles first to see if you can solve the issue on your own.

Still can't fix your problem?

You can file an issue in our public GitHub repository to get help directly from our product and engineering teams. There are a couple of pieces of information to include when opening an issue to help us debug.

Screenshots or screen recordings

Any screenshots of the error you are experiencing or screen recordings showing how to reproduce your issue would be very helpful.

Your Kite application logs

You can access Kite's logs directly through the Copilot. Click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner, then click on the "Logs" tab. You may also visit kite://settings/logs in your browser.

Click on "Generate" to generate your Kite logs. Kite will upload your logs to a secure URL that only Kite employees can access. You can share this URL safely when opening your GitHub issue.

CPU and memory profiles for performance issues

If the problem you are experiencing is CPU or memory usage related, you can click on "Capture" to capture CPU and memory profiles. Like your logs, these profiles will be uploaded to a secure URL that you can share.

Information from your editor

If you are experiencing an issue with Kite's editor plugin, please indicate which editor you are using and the version of your editor.

The contents of your editor's console may be useful as well.

  • Atom: Run the command Window: Toggle Dev Tools, and then click on the "Console" tab.
  • JetBrains: The contents of your editor's log files may be helpful.
  • Sublime: In the menu bar, click on "View", then "Show Console".
  • Vim: You can try reproducing your issue with Kite's logging turned on. Furthermore, the output of :messages would also be helpful.
  • VS Code: Run the command Developer: Toggle Developer Tools, and then click on the "Console" tab.

Open an issue in GitHub

Once you have all the supporting information ready, head over to our GitHub repository to open an issue. Please be sure the follow the guidelines for opening an issue.